Journey Studios

What about me?

I’m a freelance and versatile artist whose main focus is in comics and pop culture. I’m from Guayaquil, Ecuador. I have an insatiable urge to tell stories, that is why I consider myself mainly a storyteller who loves to draw and paint. I think the art of comics is unique and in a way complicit with the audience. That is the main reason why people not only like comics but love them.

I decided to build my career orbiting around this ninth art. In recent years I became determinant in making a big change. My previous career was associated with entrepreneurship and businesses in general. Although I was quite capable of performing that work, I decided to quit that job after a decade in order to pursue my dream. Change has always welcomed me with open arms and with a strong will I made the jump. I studied at the School of Visual Art in New York and graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Arts majoring in Cartooning and Illustration.

I’m a professional illustrator whose main focus is comic covers and portraits. Saying that, I do not only pencil, ink, and color my own work but also tend to write scripts and short stories. My preferred medium is digital art, becoming my area of expertise these days. Sometimes inspiration holds my strings and I become possessed with unusual tasks and experiments with other tools and mediums.

I’m also an avid blogger with a challenge. When I was thirty-two years old and decided to study art, I knew it was for the long haul; so I set up a challenge. Malcolm Gladwell in his book ‘Outliers’ indicates that in order to become a master on anything you would have to log approximately 10,000 hours doing that task. I became a logger and started counting the hours I spend making art. I talk about it in my blog about ‘Mastering Art’. In short, I’m an artist with a dream and I am always looking for ways to improve myself.